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Luca Sigfrido Percich (luca.percich@reacoop.it)
Version: 2.1 - dec 26, 2002
Previous release: version 2.0, june 2002

JS-GIS Copyright 2001, 2002 by Luca S. Percich

JS-GIS (JavaScript Static Geographic Information System) is a client-side technology for viewing statically-published geographic data on a web browser. It consists of a JavaScript API for writing data browsers, and documentation for writing JS-GIS publishers.

The JS-GIS API is distributed under the GNU General Public License; see licensing and copyright for more info.

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JS-GIS homepage: http://jsgis.sourceforge.net

JS-GIS © 2001, 2002 by Luca S. Percich (mailto:luca.percich@reacoop.it)
Last updated: dec 26, 2002